2015-2016 Flu Season……….. Has your child had his or her flu vaccine yet? We are currently scheduling patients during our flu shot clinics. Please give us a call to find out the details…….. Parents have shown a tremendous concern lately with the updating of their children’s vaccines. If you’re feeling unsure that your child has had certain immunizations, please feel free to call the office. Our staff will gladly look up your child’s immunization history and let you know if he or she is on target for his or her age………….. Did you know that children receive 2 measles vaccines or MMR covering Measles, Mumps and Rubella. The first one is given at 12 months of age. The second dose is administered at age 4-6 years of age. Therefore, most children who have been visiting their pediatrician on a regular basis during their early childhood years with parental authorization for the doctor to follow the recommended immunization schedule, they should be up to date on their immunizations. Is it time to schedule your child’s preventative care or Well Child Visit? Please call to find out availability of appointments for this clinic 831-757-8124.